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My Clients Receive Multiple, Above-Market Offers: No Retainer, Specialized Industry Focus

Achieving Premium Valuations

Setting a market-based asking price is key to
attracting the most qualified and motivated buyers. This approach ensures that we draw serious
interest, leading to buyer competition that ultimately drives the final offer to a premium level.

A well-written Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) is
crucial in attracting desirable buyers, especially those who are time-constrained. A poorly
written CIM can quickly lose their interest. Our CIMs are created to highlight the key aspects
that drive your company, ensuring that potential buyers can quickly grasp the value and
potential of your business. Our strategy is to give buyers everything they need to get excited
and submit an offer but hold back just enough information to create a meaningful dialogue.

Our marketing outreach is designed to reach the ideal
buyers, increasing competition and maximizing your sale price. We focus on a select few
industries nationwide, leveraging our deep understanding and database of contacts within these
markets. This allows us to identify the most likely buyers, understand their priorities, and
approach them effectively. We generate strong interest and competitive offers by contacting
both strategic and financial buyers.

The final deal value is important, but what
truly matters is the after-tax proceeds you take home and the amount of risk you take on post-
closing. By collaborating with experienced attorneys and CPAs, we ensure your sale is
structured to maximize these proceeds and minimize any ongoing risk. This gives you the best
financial outcome and peace of mind from a well-structured transaction.

We advocate for all-cash transactions at closing to ensure you
receive immediate financial security. While we are open to seller notes with appropriate security,
we clearly communicate the risks associated with earnouts. These include the lack of control,
the likelihood of not being paid, and the potential for disputes with the buyer.

The Sales Process

Determining a Fair Valuation

Unlock the true worth of your business to achieve maximum value.

Planning & Preparation

Strategize and optimize as you navigate your business sale.

Locating Potential Buyers

Discovering the right match -- connecting you with multiple ideal buyers.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Ensuring discretion in your business sale.

Structuring the Sale

Crafting success by tailoring the perfect deal for your business.

Closing the Transaction

Skillfully steer through complex sale processes to reach the finish line.

David Jacobs

Meet David Jacobs

Software Industry Experience

I spent over 15 years in various corporate development roles in Silicon Valley early in my career. During this time, I held numerous positions in large software companies like Oracle, Siebel Systems, and Suse Linux.

Entrepreneurial Experience

In my late-30s, I transitioned to entrepreneurship. I transformed a five-person commercial printing agency into a thirty-five-person industry leader. We did this through an internally developed software application, a great staff, and contractual relationships with over 40 commercial printers across the country.

My Business Exit

When I decided to sell my business, I encountered numerous challenges that made me realize the value of professional guidance: calls from unqualified buyers, safety and confidentiality issues, countless hours spent away from my company.

In 2019, I became a full-time advisor to help other business owners avoid these pitfalls. Now, I help my clients secure higher offers, better terms, and faster closings, making their exit process much smoother and more successful.

Ideal Client Profile

For software companies, our ideal client has $2-$10 million in license/subscription revenue.

For other businesses, we look for those with between $500,000 and $3 million in Seller's Discretionary Earnings (SDE). This allows us to market the business to a much larger audience of potential buyers and achieve premium offers.

For buy-side clients, I work with qualified buyers interested in purchasing software and service- related businesses across the USA. My buyers typically look for opportunities with an enterprise value between $3 million and $20 million.

As a broker, I am responsive, straightforward, and reliable. I value these traits in my clients and dedicate significant effort to achieving success on their behalf.

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