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A Silicon Valley-based business broker focused on selling software and online service companies to buyers across the USA.

David Jacobs, Licensed California Business Broker

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An experienced professional dedicated to assisting owners of Software and Services companies in effectively selling their businesses, David specializes in connecting business sellers with buyers from private equity firms, corporate strategic entities, and other purchasers of lower middle market sized companies. With his straightforward approach, David ensures that his clients not only achieve a successful exit from their businesses but also secure above-average valuations and favorable deal terms.

Before establishing his practice as a business broker, David amassed over 15 years of invaluable experience in the corporate software world. He held prominent positions at renowned companies such as Oracle Corporation, Siebel Systems, BMC/Remedy, and SuSe Linux. During his tenure in the corporate sector, David negotiated substantial global partnership agreements with industry giants like Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.

Seeking new challenges and an entrepreneurial journey, David transitioned from the corporate environment and took over a family business specializing in commercial catalog printing. Under his leadership, the company flourished, catering to manufacturing and distribution companies nationwide.

Through the efforts of a dedicated team, 40 contracted commercial printers, and an internally developed software application, the business thrived and became the 3rd largest print brokerage in the USA. In 2013, David successfully sold the company, marking yet another achievement in his career.

Since venturing into brokering in 2019, David has consistently delivered exceptional results for his clients, significantly enhancing their bank accounts while alleviating their stress and time constraints. By entrusting their business sales to David, owners have been able to embrace more leisurely pursuits, devote time to their hobbies, and cherish moments with their loved ones.

David firmly believes that business sales ultimately revolve around human connections. He understands the significance of establishing rapport and fostering strong relationships to overcome the common obstacles encountered during negotiations and due diligence. With his unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, David ensures that his clients receive personalized attention and guidance throughout the entire process.

Beyond his professional endeavors, David cherishes his roles as a husband and a father of two children. He is also the proud owner of two beloved golden retrievers. In his leisure time, David is an avid ice hockey player, hitting the rink three times a week, and he takes pleasure in cheering on his children during their soccer games. Cooking, savoring espresso, indulging in donuts, and appreciating a fine glass of whiskey are among his favorite pastimes. David holds degrees from The University of Pennsylvania and New York University, reflecting his dedication to continuous learning and professional growth.

Contact David Jacobs today, and let him guide you through selling your business. Experience the expertise, personalized service, and unwavering support that have made David a trusted partner for business owners seeking successful transactions.

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Awards & Honours

IBBA International Business Brokers Association

Working with David vs Other Advisors

Top Reasons to Use David as Your M&A Advisor for Software and Service Company Exits

David operates independently, overseeing every facet of his client’s business exit. He builds the valuations, develops comprehensive Information Memorandums, and engages directly with potential buyers. He doesn’t merely negotiate the agreement and pass on the execution of the exit process to junior staff.

1) Specialized Expertise

  • Industry-specific knowledge means David understands industry-specific concerns in detail.
  • Entrepreneurial experience means David understands how private company ownership decisions are made in the real world.

2) Network and Industry Insights

  • Extensive connections within the software and services industry.
  • Insights into industry trends and potential buyers’ preferences.

3) Valuation Expertise

  • In-depth understanding of software company metrics for accurate valuations.
  • Entrepreneurial insights aid in recognizing unique value drivers for maximum returns.

4) Thorough Documentation

  • Industry-specific knowledge for accurate and comprehensive paperwork.
  • Entrepreneurial attention to detail ensures meticulous documentation.

5) Emotional Intelligence and Perspective

  • Understand the emotional attachment entrepreneurs have to their companies.
  • Calm and problem-solving perspective to advise clients and respond to their concerns.

6) Confidentiality and Trust

  • David operates solely on the success fee, foregoing any retainer or monthly charges. If he doubts the potential to sell your business at or above your asking price, there’s no incentive for his involvement in the process.
  • Established reputation, connections, and trust within the industry.