Maintain Your Business Confidentiality

Confidentiality Agreement between Business Broker and client

Going to market through a reputable intermediary protects the business confidentiality of your exit plans from customers, suppliers, employees and most importantly competitors.

As I work on each transaction, each potential buyer will need to complete a Buyer Profile and a NDA. 

It is only after I’ve screened each potential buyer, had them complete a buyer profile and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement do they learn the identity of my client.

From offshore bots posing as buyers looking for EIN and Social Security numbers, to buyers clearly not in a financial position to fund a transaction, it is common for over half of the inquiries to not pass through the rigorous screening process.

My approach to working with buyers is to disclose the information necessary to move forward into the next phase of diligence.  This not only organizes the process of working with the buyers by establishing ‘gates’ but also protects the identity of the sellers and their companies as the unique details and documents are only shown to the subset of buyers who make it through to the next stage of the process.

These steps are critical to protecting my clients’ business confidentiality and not disrupting their ongoing operations as we negotiate a sale of the company. 

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