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I specialize in brokering the sale of software and services-based companies that generate annual revenues between $3 million and $20 million. Forging strong partnerships as part of our Partnership Program is key to our collective success. We are excited to work with other professionals who put clients first and get deals closed.

Why Partner with Us?

Unlock a World of Opportunities

Expand Your Reach: Collaborating allows you to tap into a network of software and services based companies, providing access to a wealth of potential clients and referral sources.

Leverage Our Expertise: With our in-depth knowledge and experience in the software and services industry, we can offer valuable insights and guidance to help you better serve your clients and stay ahead of the curve.

Enhance Your Credibility: You will gain enhanced credibility as a trusted partner.  This can boost your reputation and attract new clients to your practice.

Access to Resources: By joining forces, we create a symbiotic relationship where you can leverage our expertise while we tap into your unique skills and capabilities. Together, we can offer comprehensive solutions to our clients, covering a wide range of needs from providers with experience working together.

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Who Should Join?

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Professionals We Seek to Partner With

Accountants and CPAs: Your financial expertise, combined with our software and services industry knowledge, can provide clients with valuable insights into their financial health and maximize the value of their businesses.  An M&A advisor can refer clients who are buying or selling businesses to accountants for due diligence, financial analysis, and tax planning. This helps accountants expand their client base and offer specialized services.

Attorneys: Legal expertise is crucial in the complex world of mergers and acquisitions. Collaborating with us lets you connect with business owners seeking legal guidance, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process.  The advisor can refer clients to attorneys for legal structuring, contract negotiation, and compliance during the M&A process. Attorneys benefit from increased business and can provide essential legal guidance.

Bankers and Lenders: By referring clients to bankers and lenders for financing needs, the advisor assists clients in securing funding for their transactions. Bankers and lenders benefit from increased loan opportunities.  By referring clients to bankers and lenders for financing needs, the advisor assists clients in securing funding for their transactions. Bankers and lenders benefit from increased loan opportunities.

Business Consultants: Referring clients to business consultants can help them prepare for post-transaction integration, operational improvements, and strategic planning

Venture Capitalists, Private Equity, and Family Offices: The advisor can refer potential investment opportunities to these firms, allowing them to expand their portfolio. We can also assist with bringing opportunities to market and screening buyer inquiries when it is time to exit specific investments.  This benefits both parties by facilitating access to opportunities.

Financial Advisors: Referring clients to financial advisors ensures that the clients’ investment portfolios align with their M&A goals. Financial advisors gain new clients and can offer tailored investment strategies.

Marketing Professionals: Effective marketing is vital in attracting potential buyers for our client’s businesses. Partnering with us allows you to contribute your marketing acumen and help businesses present themselves in the best possible light to drive customer engagement and revenue.  Referring clients to marketing agencies can support effective branding and marketing strategies during the M&A process.

Data Security Professionals: In an era of increasing data breaches and cybersecurity threats, your expertise in protecting sensitive information can provide peace of mind to our clients. Together, we can offer comprehensive security solutions.

How Our Partnership Works

Joining Forces for Mutual Success

Referral Program: As we work with our clients and bring them to market, we frequently need to make referrals to help prepare a company for the market, evaluate various tax scenarios or provide legal advice.  As a partner, you can also refer potential clients to us, whether they are business owners looking to sell or buyers seeking software and services-based companies to acquire.

Co-Marketing Opportunities: We believe in mutually beneficial relationships. By partnering with us, you gain access to co-marketing initiatives, allowing you to showcase your expertise and reach a wider audience.

Networking and Collaboration: Our partners inevitably meet other professionals as we work together on transactions.  These interactions foster knowledge sharing, idea generation, and potential business partnerships.

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By actively referring clients to these partners, the M&A advisor establishes a symbiotic relationship where both parties benefit from expanded networks, increased business opportunities, and the ability to provide comprehensive support to clients throughout the M&A process.