Subscription-based API Connectivity Platform for Fintech

Highlights of this business include:

• Subscription-based software company with recurring revenue
• High-profile initial customers (CIBC, Sound Credit Union, others) with very low churn
• Significant existing pipeline of new customers and Fortune 100 resellers
• Strong culture and industry reputation

About the Company

This company is a software technology provider within the Fintech Open Banking Movement. Their technology enables the aggregation of vast amounts of financial data from over 80 sources of SMB financial information. Their product provides a single API-based connection to this aggregated data, plus normalization, monitoring, and custom reporting capabilities. Access to this data provides significant value to commercial lenders servicing the SMB market. 

The product can ingest, normalize, and report on accounting, commerce, banking, payroll, and tax data. The technology is highly scalable, has received inquiries from many of the most prominent industry participants, has signed agreements with major initial customers, and provides a unique opportunity to grow into a significant and well-respected participant in the broader Fintech market.

Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Sage, Netsuite, Stripe, Shopify, MX, Yodlee, ADP,  Gusto, Square, and many others.

Upswot, Codat, Validis and others.

Company Revenue

Revenue by Year 2021 2021 2023 YTD
Sales & Consulting Revenue $479,548 $247,322 $336,556
Grants and Funding Revenue $360,496 $177,761 $244,658

Company Sales Pipeline

Stage Opportunity Number Revenue
1 – Validation 17 $260,000
2 - Solution Dev 33 $1,073,000
3 - Tech Evaluation 20 $956,307
4 - Consensus 2 $50,000
5 - Contract 1 $1,500,000

Reason for Sale

The founders excel in product development. They aim to join a larger organization that serves banks and commercial lending clients. Importantly, both founders are dedicated to staying with the new owners as employees.

Current Employees

2 full-time founders and 6 full-time developers. All employees are based in North America and work remotely within driving distance of the founders. 

Additional Information

A full CIM is available under NDA to qualified buyers. All serious offers from qualified buyers will be considered.


Teaser -> Complete NDA via DocuSign -> Sharing of CIM -> Introductory Zoom call with the seller (20  minutes)