Established Pharmaceutical Repackaging Company

Highlights of this business include:

• 30+ years in the industry, this company is renowned for its reliability
• Focused on tailored packaging solutions, it excels in serving college student health centers
• With a 2022 revenue of $3.6M and a gross profit of $1.28M, the company demonstrates financial resilience
• Positioned for expansion

About the Company

This is an established pharmaceutical repackaging company that has been in operation since 1983. The business has a loyal customer base and specializes in providing customized packaging solutions to college student health centers. It has built a strong reputation for quality and reliability in the industry.

The business operates out of a leased facility in California with ample space for production, storage, and administrative functions. The lease is currently on a month-to-month basis and is transferable to the new owner.

2022 Revenue: $3,588,291 | 2022 Gross Profit: $1,283,992 | 2022 SDE: $82,288

Company Revenue

2019 2020 2021 2022
Revenue $4,380,848.98 $2,952,382.38 $3,194,135.49 $3,588,291.42
Gross Margin $1,400,844.08 $967,175.98 $1,165,012.83 $1,283,992.66
Net Income $157,353.47 ($78,252.01) ($35,465.99) ($83,356.26)
Add Backs $381,307.20 $197,446.91 $227,989.24 $165,645.18
SDE $538,660.67 $119,194.90 $192,523.25 $82,288.92

Expense Reductions – Since September 2023, management has implemented programs to cut $124,620 in annual operating expenses.
2023 YTD – As of September 2023 Revenue and Gross Margin appear similar to 2022.

Reason for Sale

The owners are of retirement age and are looking to sell the business to a new owner who can continue to build on its success.

Current Employees

The business currently has 13 full-time employees, including two full-time owners.

Additional Information

The business has significant growth potential, particularly in expanding its customer base into more college student health centers. The company could also expand into other related markets where there is a need to dispense prescriptions on-site.


Interested parties must sign a non-disclosure agreement and complete a buyer profile before receiving additional information about the business.