What Is Your Business Really Worth?

Get a Broker's Opinion of Value (BOV)

Service for Software and Services Companies

Understand the actual worth of your business based on what a typical buyer would be willing to pay for its acquisition. Benefit from David Jacobs’s Silicon Valley expertise and successful track record in maximizing SaaS and service company valuations for strategic exits. Schedule your complimentary consultation call today!

Understanding Your Business’s Worth

Our Broker’s Opinion of Value (BOV) service is designed specifically for software and services companies like yours. We delve deep into your business’s intricacies, conducting a comprehensive reverse due diligence process.

Tailored Assessments

By analyzing market trends, financial metrics, and industry benchmarks, we provide a nuanced evaluation that reflects your business’s unique value proposition and growth potential.

Realistic Selling Range

Discover a likely selling range suited for financial buyers, complete with typical deal terms. Our insights empower you with realistic expectations and a strategic advantage in negotiations.

Expert Guidance

Backed by years of experience in mergers and acquisitions within the tech sector, our team offers expert guidance throughout the valuation process.

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