Software Business Broker

Software Industry Experience Matters

David Jacobs of Link Business Silicon Valley is a licensed California Business Broker with a focus on the software business segment. He has extensive software industry experience having worked for Oracle Corporation, Siebel Systems, Remedy/BMC Software and Suse Linux earlier in his career. David uses his industry experience to understand your company, technology stack, customers and financial results. He will then tailor an exit strategy to accomplish your goals. David can find an ideal buyer for your software business and get it sold for maximum value in a short amount of time.



I’m well versed in the technologies, languages and requirements of building software products. I do know the difference between Java and Python and have worked with many technical founders on successful exits.

Growth Rates

Software companies are able to achieve growth rates far higher than traditional businesses. It costs virtually nothing to add a new user to a SaaS platform or download another copy of an application. The high growth rate potential of a software company is one of the attributes making software business brokerage somewhat unique. I bring extensive industry experience in this area having worked for companies growing at well past 100% annual revenue growth into the $1bn+ revenue level.

Differing Valuation Methodologies

Software companies are valued different ways by different types of buyers. An owner / operator will care about cash flow. A Private Equity firm will focus on the growth rates and addressable market. A corporate acquirer will be primarily concerned with revenue, and client churn.


Over the past several years, there has been a tremendous amount of M&A activity in the software sector. Large, mature software companies looking to maintain and expand their positions are actively buying smaller companies at high valuations. The current market in 2021 is fueled by low interest rates and plenty of available capital for M&A activity. Large corporate buyers, private-equity funds and well capitalized owner/operators are all looking for their next successful venture. Fierce competition among technology buyers makes the current landscape ideal for technology business sellers with viable products and services. We can help you navigate the complexities of selling a technology business and avoid common mistakes.


As a software business broker, I offer technology sellers a vast network of qualified buyers. I follow a proven process to get your business to market and sold and a comprehensive approach to the exit process. I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your company. To learn more about how I can support the sale of your technology business please contact me.