sell my business DIY vs trusted advisor

Preparing a Business for Sale

To bring a new opportunity to market means properly preparing the business for sale and review by potential buyers. Here is a list of the key milestones and typical timeframes to prepare and bring a business to market.

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Benefits of a Business Transaction Advisor

When the time comes to think about the next chapter, employees can retire, but business owners need to orchestrate an exit that will not only serve their long-term financial needs, but also protect and preserve the critical relationships with employees, customers and suppliers they’ve built over many years of late nights, weekends and delayed family vacations.

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Sell a Software Company – What Happens?

How do you sell a software company? How long does it take? Who are the potential buyers? I can assure you that selling a software company is a complex transaction. In fact, the one regret I hear over and over again from my peers is that it was harder to find qualified buyers than they could have ever guessed.

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